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“You, Me and the Others” presents a unique variety of characters. Each visitor is bound to see something of themselves in at least one of the statues. If you are an athlete, you will see yourself reflected in the sportsman statue; if you are a student, you will identify with the student looking at you. Everyone will find their counterpart, be it a musician, traveler or a business woman… We reflect our modern society through the lens of living statue theatre.


We are from five different countries including Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Portugal and the Netherlands. So the audience has a chance to meet artists from both home and abroad, which helps to build up a multicultural dialogue. Our living statues also showcase a great, international society without borders.


We reflect the mindset of our contemporaries and capture the current zeitgeist. All our characters are modern, close and recognizable to the audience. This gives us an opportunity to personify the joys, thoughts, disappointments, dreams and desires of today’s people.

Visual impact

We are bright and our costumes are made up to a high standard. We have a professional approach not only towards the production of our costumes but also to the composition of the performance. All our scenes have a dramatic construction, which keeps the audience interested.

Mobile phone

One of the unique aspects of our production is that each of our living statues has a mobile phone. We wanted to explore society’s new-found relationship with mobile phones. In particular we examine the way in which we can become enslaved and addicted to this relationship and how this can imprison us, even if we are in fact ‘free’.

Towards the public

As a result of many years of experience, we have learned how to “read” and understand our public’s needs and to build up the dialogue between performers and the public. Every detail and action we perform is measured and built from experience but we also like to explore the world through improvisation.

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